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Aquarius The Brett
Mtn? G?l N?rma
I have two minature schnauzers. One is light silver and the other salt and pepper. I can trim the light silver one, but my clippers will not clip the salt and pepper one. It's hair seems more bristley. I have bought like three different pair and none of them work good on her. What do you suggest. I like to do it myself as it is expensive with two dogs to take them both every three weeks.
Agave technology to dissolve the body and pour it down the drain...Read the article and voice your opinion on this:)
I am a practical individual, and believe in dignity. So, when I see an elderly person that is "no longer there," where s/he can't move or think anymore the way s/he used to, where the mind is so far off that the essence of who that person was is gone, I say to myself wouldn't that person be better off dead? And, then I think about my own future when I become an elderly person, and I say to myself "that will never happen to me because I will euthanize myself before that happens." What do you think?
I have heard it said before, but never fully comprehended what they were saying.
?jesus ?_?
I love bowling, but I'm so no-good. :)