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(Based on a survey I read)When men were asked if they would do a 'sleepover' with a drop-dead gorgeous young woman of 18 - 20, about 85% (or close) said they absolutely would not, even though in the scenario given it was certain that no one would find out.I will reserve my opinion for later but I would like to know what you think. Did the men who responded to the survey tell the truth or did some or many lie? Why did you answer the way you did? Any first hand knowledge to back up your answer? Thanks for helping me with my OCD - Obsessive Curiosity Disorder. :~)
Tags: younger
So do you think our younger generation has greatly changed from past generations? Especially with our totally outrageous hairstyles, clothing styles, accesory styles, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, texting-cell phone usage... etc. Of course past generations have done some of these things ...but do you think the 2009 generation has beat these past generations as to how teens act and dress ...And how do you feel towards the look of our now present generation?
Do you find it odd that people are requesting fighting advice and people answer to tell them to carry knives?The old days it use to be words, may be some shoving, may be wrestle and may be a few punches then you were friends the next cops , no parents, no teachers. Just boys being boys.
in a garbage container outside Tiger Stadium in Detroit.(I am from michigan) How can people be so cruel? What is wrong with our society?