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Tags: yearly
I've been leaving my computer on all the time. I had no idea that the electric expense could be this much. What do you do?
There is all kinds of opinions on the net about the need to vaccinate every year, some say do it some say it's not necessary, what do you think? I myself am on the fence while I do it, I wonder how necessary it is, I've had great explanations from the docs at work but still why so much controversy??!
merit increase of wages? Do you feel like you are under compensated, fairly compensated or over compensated? If you feel like your raise should be based on mostly merit, what have you done to improve your work (production, quality etc.)?
I am interested in getting a degree specializing in OCD and treating individuals with those charactaristics. I'm just curious as to how much school I would need (like a masters or a phd) and what the actual title of the job would be and how much money I would make annually?
Art Dixon
My cost's for this backup is about .12 cents per. GB, and I am looking it about 80 hour's.