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It's all over the news....
I found one really big grey one..and 2 much smaller brown ones..what can i do to detect further ones? and how could i prevent further ticks? could the ticks bite me? thank u very much...
Stroll through any neighborhood with an open laptop in hand and you will probably notice your machine automatically connecting to various wireless Internet routers that local residents have set up. If you are given a connection that allows you to surf the Web, chances are very good that you can also assume control over the same network that gave you the access. Why don't people realize this? Or Care? If I had access to a router with a default password, I could re-direct your traffic to other places and you would not have a clue, such as re-direct your banking with a simple rule. People please change your default passwords, if you need to know how please tell me what type of router you have.
After i saw the day after tommarrow it freaked me out!
M. L.
with all these sick people out there, its a wonder i let mine outside.