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Or is it possible to mix business with pleasure and still act civil?
what is a reasonable percentage of a paycheck that should go for child support.
on Tuesday June 12th 2007 @ approximately 7:30 I was struck at work by a f150 pickup he was going about 30 -35 miles an hour i am very lucky to even be typing this so i am trying to help my company by seeing what we could have done to prevent this.
Marcos Suel
There are a lot of websites, but the information is all the same. I only have 3 different sources because out of 10 sites maybe 5 or 6 are the same thing. I just need more variety in if anyone knows ANYTHING at all (website sources, book sources) ANYTHING, it would be great.thanks!!!!
For instance, suppose a call center is not getting a lot of calls. The supervisor decides to send some people on mandatory lunches. He expects them to log out (meaning they will not be paid for the time) and he expects them to be back in so-many minutes (15, 30, or 60, depending on how slow it is). This means that we don't get paid for 8 hours of work like our scheduled shift indicates. Does an employee have the right to refuse to do this?
My work has required me to carry a work-paid cell phone and be available to take calls at ALL hours of the day or night and only get paid for the time if I have to come into the office. is that legal?
Laura Brackett
I work a scheduled 33 hrs a wk. Should I be getting holiday and vacation pay?
when he came back he didn't buy lunch but bought $20.00 worth of cigarettes. At quitting time he didn't have and money for gas, I gave him $10.00, I feel a bit used. What do you think?