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Wonder if any have been put on Ebay for sale...or if anyone is advertising for any on Ebay...just curious, I guess.
Doctor Woot
My pitbull/pointer mix has started chewing a root. I in my remake of the landscape had to chop out about a 2 inch root of an old hedge. I have seen him eat grass, dig holes big enough to bury a 35 pound keg of grease in, my shoes clothes and basicly anything he can. But this is new, What say you out there in Q&A land?
I' tried so hard to do the right thing, but "sometimes trouble seems' to follow me
Doctor Woot
Fare now, it was a great cast and a great story line. If you haven't seen it try too, it was a very good flick
Doctor Woot
With what has happened to me in the last couple of weeks, somehow the garden seems very far away now.
Doctor Woot
Those hallowed graves of solders fallen, silent the guard stands forever tall. this cross of wood shall not fall. Seems odd to some the Honored dead cared for with such tenderness. For in violence and death they did fall, home at last their final rest.In the night they come to say tis not your time and bid me stay. yet I come to these old faces seem so young in their shattered places. With pride we stood to honor her, what cost is this cry out the sad faces, this honored gift need not be heard.Still go I to the place of the fallen, to tend, to care, or to just remember. While my heart beats the cross will stand, untill He calls me then will you lend your hand.Think not of who but what lay beneath that cross of wood at your feet. Think of that gift so freely given by those who rest there and minds eye forever.
Tags: wonder
in a state of complete rest. Excuse the morbidness of the question, but does anyone picture himself/herself in the eternal horizontal postition?
Fell free to give us your opinion on how you think that men view this...This was inspired by an answer on another question, where I asked women if they preferred a thinker, or a doer...and most answers indicated that there must be a brain somewhere in the package... :-)So, the question is, "She is beautiful, but a complete brainless ninny, would you marry her?" I don't mean hang out with her for a month or two... but I mean grow old with her...and have her intelligent conversations to warm cold winter evenings when you are older... ;-)
The Temptations - My Girl: Wonder - My Cherie Amour: