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This will be sold to the American public as a solution to the collapse of the US dollar, and the new currency will be the "Amero", common currency for all 3 nations. Good Idea?
I mean animals dont even do that to their own kind. Sure they kill their own species but only for certain reasons such as who is the leader, possible betrayal of a sort etc... But as humans we kill for the dumbest reasons an example being: A man killed his wife and 3 kids choked the children and threw them into a river. i mean seriously what are these people thinking. what is wrong with our species...why must we continue to kill? I mean this a real serious problem. Your thoughts??
Is this a religious or civil ceremony? Are there events leading up to the ceremony? What more can you share about your culture's marriage rites, that might differ from my own. I am a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian living in America with a multi-cultural heritage. My own ceremony was civil and so were my daughters, but my son had a Buddhist/Christian wedding. Anything you can shed some light on what I haven't had the opportunity to witness or experience yet?
Yesterday I read 2 articles from MSNBC News about incidents which occurred in India. A 15 year old boy was humiliated then thrown on the tracks in front of a moving train. He was killed because he wrote a love letter to a girl in a lower Caste. The girl's relatives did the killing. The other was a headline article saying that "India's Untouchables Were Saved, Last..." from a flood. My question, is this racism or should it be labeled as something different. "Culture" just doesn't seem to fit. What would you call it?
Rayne & Maui
Joe Horn was apparently acting within his rights when he decided that two men were guilty of burglarizing his neighbor's house and he walked over and shot them in the back. Would this same justice apply?
Just a random guess for fun or if you want to research and get a good estimated number.
Ex: one file; testdata.xls.single xls file contains multiple tabs (sheets) - one for each day.each sheet contains test data for equipment, different cells for different tests.Want to graph for a particular cell through all days (all sheets).