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something similar to the one like we use for wireless Internet
computer and laptop have MSN as the homepage. What's the reason that I have no problem connecting on my regular computer but my laptop keeps saying cannot connect? This has never happened before.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
This is an attemp to find a regestry edit or something like that to give restricted users the ability to enable a wireless card without giving them full access through active directory.
There is no bluetooth devices icon available in Control Panel?But in device manager I can see bluetooth bus enumerator and dell wireless 355 bluetooth module already installed/available?Please suggesr the driver/files and links to resolve this issue???Thanks,
set up my dell desk top also to be wireless. Do I need anything for the dell desk top to make this work?
the dsl signal has already been routed and hard lined throughout the building. i want to take my wrt54g lynksys router and use it as a access point only.. so i can go wireless in my office. i've heard it can be done i just dont know all the correct steps. a detailed step by step guide to do so . thanks
I travel alo and usually get stuck on the end of the hotels where wireless comes in crappy. how can i boost my wireless recieveron my laptop?
I'm using a desktop usb adapter, in the status is receiving data, and gets online, but after about 300 packets, it suts off.