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I've got Windows XP and I've played movies before and have no idea why it won't work now.
this windows runs completely off the cd and has a few network related programsi have seen this product run before i just cant find my copy any more
This is happening on both my desktop and laptop. Drives will read CD and DVD, will write to CD, but will not write to DVD. Just gives "Windows has encountered a problem trying to copy this file". Please help!
I won the DVD and I've put it in the computer and I've played it on windows media player. I just don't know how to save it on there so I can watch it later and put it on devices. Helpppp
I copy my song list, select "burn" and it analyzes and says its burning, but when I play my finished CD, nothing plays. This is a brand new computer!
Im running windows vista 64x home premium. I have windows dvd maker and need to know if it will burn DVD-9's. My cd drive is compatible but is the software?