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Is there any way to install Windows 7 on an Eee PC without the use of an external dvd drive? Beta or retail.
A couple of people told me this when my favorite dog died I asked them why would I do that and never gotten a good answer. Except they hear someone else say it. Any answers to this or knowledge where it came from?
Somebody needs to get their dog....whose is it...
Im doing a research paper on the Mac OS X and I need information on the advantages/disadvantages of the Mac OS X.
i want to play my pc games that are fullscreen, but i want to be able to do other things while i am playing the game too, like chat on messenger and other things...the games i have don't have an option to run the game in a window, just as fullscreen, is there some kind of way to be able to?
Ruby Goh
PNP on Windows 2000 goes on IRQ11. 2 USR Fax modems running at the same time cause shut down.