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I am wanting to open a cd/dvd store and I am having a hard time finding vendors that offer new releases. I have searched the web but there are very few out there and none that will respond unless you already have opened.
I am wanting to open a cd/dvd store and I'm having a hard time finding suppliers. I have searched the web, there are very few that have new releases and none that respond unless the store is already opened
pretend you are an entrepeneur and you are qualified to have franchise with sunoco, coastal, citgo etc.. you are looking for wholesale gasoline prices to buy and distribute to the sunoco or citgo ...gas station you open in new york. how much on average did it cost for your company x, to buy 30,000 gallons of wholesale gasoline a month in 2007 including shipping, tax, etc...? let say you already own trucks,and drivers on payroll.
I need to know where I can buy Mexican items wholesale for resale. I am particularly looking for the headbands, T-shirts, flag umbrellas, etc.
Also what training would you need to have to start your own business