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Bud 28
financial problems?
There's this guy I really like who has just asked me out. I want to say yes, but to be honest I am slightly intimidated by the sight of my first relationship! I am 15 and I think I am ready for my first relationship, however I am worried that it will turn into something 'else' just by something that happens by spur of the moment.....I want to stay 'pure' until I am married. I am worried about what my friends, peers and family will make of it. I really want to say yes, but I cannot help but be scared.
Like were the 70s a time for revolutionary thinking? Did things gave any signal that they are going to change to a new form that you never imagined...........politics...culture....society....and yes especially music?
A-Whether he or she is a fiduciaryB-Whether the risk meets the objective standardC-What the plaintiff actually knew about the risks
I hav one P4 1.7Ghz CPU with Mercury mainboard support 400MHz FSB. n I want to know whether it is already overclocked or ....
Just few days back I bought Dell PC n received free Windows XP Professional CD & COA....I want to know whether my COA/Product key is used n registered by some one before buying my PC...before registration & activation of my Genuine copy I want to confrm whether COA is already used by someone to activate/register this copy or not
Gemz Star!
Do you ever read one of your postings and just groan? Sometimes I stare in disbelief. Thank you, God, for the coffee I'm about to receive...