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With a Tax for living together unmarried added into rent and mortgages (higher for couples with children), most States can collect the entire cost of welfare paid out without raising taxes on married couples and individuals who do not use welfare as a means of couples income and health benefits for children. It is believed that it would decrease the rising cost of health care and the States deficits over a short period of years.
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them?If the people who pay taxes have to take a drug test to keep our jobs and make a living.
The Human Genome project, which took 13 years for its completion, discovered that the overall DNA sequence similarity between humans and chimpanzees is about 99%, and that around 10% of human genes are clearly related to specific genes in the fly and the worm. We even share a common recent ancestor with the mouse. This, evidently, shows us not only that we are NOT unique, by any means, but that we and all species are very much interrelated. Moreover, scientific studies are finding more and more how animals (some more than others) share our capacity to feel emotion in much the same way we do. If this is so, shouldn't we show equal respect for animals? Are we committing a crime by failing to do so? These are points that may be considered if you wish to answer the posted question. Thank you for answering.
the welfare were giong to put my grand child in a foster home,instead they placed him with me with my daughter permission,the judge did not give us custody of the child.the mother still has legal custody of the child.
What is the salary range for directors over child welfare agencies