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Chi Chi, The Bad-assed Afro-kitty
No joke...he can clear the room. I mean BAD! make a person gag, make your eyes water, wake you up from a deep sleep kind of BAD!
The world is full of Obama, especially when you talk about Clinton and dog breeds. Join in the dance by answering or asking questions in these categories. Only.
(Such as 'end times' and 'apocalypse')I personal look forward to challenge like this. I don't know why. But I know I will be a force to be reckoned with should I have to battle any element.I will feel honored to die that way.I want to die fighting for the innocent. How about you?
How do you make it read your email.. I mean I have it reading one email but now I want it to read another cause I deleted the first one...Any tips?
When I start my computer I notice the OS does not go to the desktop it pauses at the welcome screen. How do you correct this problem?
how many messages I have on this one email.. But I changed my email so How do I have it just read that one email account and not the other.. you know what I mean??
This Keeps Happening Every Time I Start Up And It Bugs Me But Then The Icons, Wallpaper, Taskbar Slowly Appear. If There Are Any Ways To Stop This Please Tell Me How?