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Some pages are long and people have to scroll up to the top in order to choose a new page.An advice from someone in the "Know-How", step by step, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Karin .
I'll explain why, NBC have all episodes of Miami Vice on their website, I would like to watch them, but it says it can't play outside the US, so could I somehow fool the website into thinking my computer is in the States?I cannot find anywhere else that has Miami Vice that can be viewed in Britain, that's why I'm asking.People who want to provide the following answers need not reply;1. Buy the DVD's.2. Miami Vice is rubbish.3. You should do something other than watch TV.
The little guy in my avatar broke the screen on our camera, and we need to fix it, or get a new camera.
I'm trying to log into my school's website and the above mentioned alert shows up. Am I doing something wrong?
I set up a website using IIS 5.1 (xp pro) and when i type the IP address ( it lets me view it but when i et on my laptop (same network) and type that it opens a search page... whats wrong???And b4 anyone says its not set up right, i did it on my laptop and it works flawlessly... its just like this desktop doesn't want to run a website... I also disabled my anti-virus sofware and it still wont do it...and once again it worked in reverse (laptop serving desktop) but it wont work like it need to (desktop serving laptop (and others))HELP
critical error, could not connect to data base? i use this website daily, and its interesting that i cant access itthanks
I need a chat script for my website, to help people out as technical support, but I tried a few, and they redirected me to different sites, and had adds. I would appreciate if you could help! Thanks!!
My computer plays the movie for a few seconds, then the picture freezes on the screen and a little circle appears on the center of the screen showing that more of the movie is loading. Then it plays for a few seconds and the same thing happens. It has taken me 2 hours to watch 45 minutes of it. Help!!!!!!!! What can I do to watch this without this happening?
I bought a new PC and it has Vista installed. Does that stop some log ins from working properly. I can't access my bank account
Ok so I have sql server (the newest one) and I have a PHP and also I have the website all up and running. All i need is the script. Can someone give it to me please. Thaks
When I try to access the Interpals pen pal website which is The website tells me that I have no permission to access it and it writes "Forbidden" as the topic and it writes "403 Forbidden" as the tab name. Please how do I gain access again to this website? If you know, please help me.Thanks.