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I'll put "global warming" under world economic growth, ..and local "job security" under wealth redistribution (..Do I need a placeholder for "Personal Fulfillment"? .."Religious Fulfillment? .."World Economy"? ..or "Honest Government"?) ..Of the above choices, which is YOUR most personal concern?
The Oracle
Warren Buffet, etc etc......could have financed this entire stimulus package themselves.......<than 20 people....out of 300 million. And since their investments are so diversified, they would probably get 80% of their money back in 3 to 5 years- this was said of the Rockefellers at one time- that if they gave every human being on earth 10 dollars, within 5 years they'd have it all back because of their holdings. ....Soooooo, back to my question......less than 20 people could have pulled this off- and we haven't even touched the other 480 on Forbes list. I find this totally insane- that the "average" American will be paying $12,000 a year forever to pay this all off...and here's 20 people who could have done it one shot.......or make it 500, whatever, it's all totally crazy to me,
Infrstructure investment compounding knowledge into superior returns creating job growth pulling low to moderate incomes into higher paying tax breaks to trickle down on the higher income level, true competive capitalism.
Since I was a little child I remember all priests calling for what Christians stood for. Give half of what you have because this is our faith.
congress, with re: to every qtr being record-breaking of late for some 'strange' reason - aaa wants an "investigation". Any comments members??
tax? Instead, that 1% makes up only 40% of the revenue, while the rest of us make of 60% of all the money the government gets. Isn't that unfair?