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the only info i already have on it is the girl first and middle name:mary annwhen it happened: 1939 and that she POSSIBLY had an abusive husband.
I beleive somebody I know may be addicted and I want to research the meth 'hotspots' in the region...
It’s not always clear that switching from cars to trains is the most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reports a Swedish investigation.The government previously tasked a commission to examine ways in which Sweden could reduce CO emissions by changing modes of transportation.Much of the discussion has been grounded on the assumption that there are more environmental benefits to transporting people and goods by rail rather than by road.While Sweden’s climate panel also reached the same conclusion, the findings lack scientific support, writes the Dagens Industri (DI) newpaper.As a result, Infrastructure Minister Åsa Torstensson asked the Swedish Institute for Transport and Communications Analysis (SIKA) to examine the issue in greater detail.SIKA found that carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 20 percent by switching to alternate modes of transportation, but that the investments required to achieve the goal would be extremely costly.
This is for a project for chemistry. I want to know if the seismic waves that came from hurricane Katrina were picked up in Washington State.
Are there any well known people held there? How many people are held there?