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Tags: voting
This question is closed. Is it helpful? Yes|No Does it mean that if the 'no' ratio is sufficient, they'll have a re-vote on the answers? Or, if the 'yes' ratio is high enough, the asker gets points for the question? Just curious.
Shame on you. Voting is essential to the function of QnA. Many vote more often than they answer. This is probably a good thing. I have gotten so "gungo ho" about voting that I have recently voted the limit of 100 votes every day, and my ratio of answers to votes is rapidly approaching 1:1.Second half question: What is your answer-to-vote ratio?
Tags: voting
This would increase the peoples desire to vote, wouln't it? A simlpe yes or no will do. I'm going to send in the results.
Politically what are your thoughts?
Think about it no more voting machines, no more written paper ballots and no real elections. Hey maybe we can dial up on our cell phones and send it in and they can charge us a dollar a vote like they do on those reality shows and on Idol or whatever you watch.It would help to bring the budget under control and get us out of debt.
Kobe Blue
I want to set up a system where mobile phone users in the area can vote (A, B, C or D). And I want to see the results on my computer.Is this possible?
It seems that after two days most Question are dead and receive no further answers. do you agree ?
Since there IS a sufficiently long enough Voting Phase."Closed" Answering Phase will:1) allow all "potentially best" answers to be submitted.2) avoid "first come, first voted for", 3) thus eliminate "racing" answers too often with compromised quality, and4) encourage more numbers of "slow answers".P.S. I understand that many people are more likely to push the 'vote' button during an answering phase - which is good for numbers - BUT dilutes the purpose of selecting the "best" answers by their qualities rather than speed . (The tire-breaker fariness is plenty for rewarding the speedier)