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I often evaluate stocks by comparing average daily volume as a percentage of market cap. I am familiar with bar charts that contain volume information. I was wondering if there was a more automated approach that would save me from calculating and comparing.
dvds are playing only a fraction the volume of mp3s or youtube etc... The adverts before the film are fine. I have tried these dvds on the tv and they are also very low. These are up to date dvds. Who controls it? Is there a good fix for it for my pc?
when i hook up speaker to my computer the sound is very low even though the volume on my computer is at it maximum level but when i hook up speaker that have a volume knob on the i can hear it fine
I have tried several DVD's, some work fine, other do not. Is there an audio codec I should download or some hidden setting I don't know about?
...the PC and the Mac?Especially now that so much increased Microsoft influence is entering Mac "territory" -- there're books on the PC, books on the Mac; but both in one? Does such a tome exist? If so, where can I get one?
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