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How do geologists know what kind of eruption will occur when they are predicting a volcanic eruption?
Are we seeing the preamble of the caldaria starting to fill?Is the 22 foot tilt of the Yellowstone's super caldaria increasing?Background:Yellowstone Lake (of which is big) has recently been reaching temperature spikes of nearly two-hundred degrees! Many areas of Yellowstone have been closed down because the ground has become so hot that it's simply not safe, thus killing of thousands of trees and endangering if not killing off wildlife. At the end of 2007, president Bush ordered all USGS personal to send their findings directly to the white house first and not to speak or release any of their reports to the public first until the Whitehouse can sensor any alarming wording that would alarm the public!Notes from:​&refer=usUSGS:
I need to know soon! It's for an important project. Thx in advance.