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feel this trip can be detrimental to her and US relations if something were to go wrong. I personally do not think she should go. There will be an increase of 183 million dollars to hire more individual against the battle on drugs; however, we have our own war on drugs going on in our own country, such as meth. Where will all this money come from?
Jims Best Angle
The Mexican Government is claiming that the Cartels are getting their weapons from the United States and it is our fault and we need to do something. Will the democrats use this to try and restrict gun ownership in the United States. If guns were outlawed in the United States would the cartels throw up there hands and turn themselves in, our buy guns from international arms dealers? Do you think they would have a hard time finding international arms dealers? Could they actually be buying fully automatic weapons from them right now?
Action movies glorify violence. Wrap and other types of music promote abuse and disrespect to women in addition to cheap sex, and many video games also promote violence and animal hunting (abuse). What's going on here? What's happening to our society?
What is the result of violence?
what are researchers views on domestic violence
Jail is inevitable if this doesn't stop. I realize that most of these men learned it from their father or other male abuser. I need all the info I can get on this.