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Follow-up question coming?
The Oracle
beneficial for the survivors and they can repeatedly visit what are usually beautiful, serene, settings, But land is becoming scarcer and scarcer (I Germany, land is SO scarce, they double deck burials.) and also less oxygen gets put into the air. Also, funerals are ridiculously expensive- you can buy a car for what they charge. Cremation on the other hand (perhaps this is why the Jewish folks get the whole thing over with quick- maybe they have something there.) is quick, cheap, saves land....and has other interesting options, lie having the ashes shot into outer space. Also has a biblical know......'ashes to ashes'....So what is your take?
The Oracle
potato? The micro waved one or the oven cooked one?.....With the oven cooked, you get that nice shell or crust, with the micro waved one, you know every molecule in that sucker has been evenly cooked.....then also, if you DO oven cook: foil, or no foil?
The title says it's all. What's better for music organisation, user friendlyness, and iPod use. (I do know of some plug-ins that allow iPod in WMP)What do you use/prefer?
I've got a 1990 Toyota Forerunner (200K miles) that needs $1500 in repairs before it can be driven.
I have friends in China/Hong Kong and Southeast Asia who were considering visa applications this year.
I want to be able to move my presentations and hyperlinked files to either a portal, network, or CD without breaking the links.