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Such as functionality, call quality, speakerphone, changing the wallpaper image, receiving custom ringtones.
Have Toshiba Satellite P105-S6024 Laptop. Generic headset. Reception plays back on computer spkrs., but transmission over mic is weak and garbled. Have a LAN connection, with master station using DW7000 connection. Any Ideas?? Will it work better if I ditch the LAN and install my own DW7000 system?? My reception over computer spkrs is fine.
i tried to undo the restore she did, and it will only let me get to the point to where she restored it, nothing before. After trying to re-install the verizon online software as suggested, i get a message from the InstallShield Wizard that readsself-registration error: C:\Windows\System32\macromed\flash\flash.ocxnow what?
i have music on my chip for my verizon cell phone and i want to set those songs as ringtones. It wont let me. any help
I need to read them from the computer how do I do that?
I had verizon Fios put up in my house. In my room, I have a Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition PC. I am trying to wire the cable and watch it on my computer, but it isnt working. I dont have a set top box for the computer. Is it becuase its Fiber Optics?
I live in Boston. Please provide answers without referring me to websites such as or I know about CNET, Consumer Reports and J D Powers. I want to read your actual experience. I am also am trying to decide between Dish Network, Directv and Comcast Cable. Please answer my question.