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the reason why i ask is because on many occasions my neighbors would leave so much space to park between them, so i learned to get off the vehicle and ten paces was the least amount of room to just fit in snugly,
Goodbye, Cruel World
A decade ago, the government's own studies showed that diesel vehicles were 25% more fuel efficient than gasoline vehicles for the same performance. Yet, smaller, affordable vehicles virtually disappeared for "environmental" reasons. Newer diesels are even more fuel efficient compared to gasoline vehicles and the recent comeback has dried up with the new fuel requirements.Why is the US stuck using the explosive refinery waste product in its vehicles while other countries can benefit from the more energy packed fuel?
Since auto accidents are the big leader in teen deaths.
looking to find out how much vehicles sold for brand new back in 1985.
Running or Non-running Vehicle..
this is just funtering, What vehicle does their online personality have you seeing them drive? Please do not give actual information that you might know about another user's vehicle.I have a long list, I will start with a few... and then add under comments...Trina-Subaru station wagon full of car seats brwon or dark blue Cemil- Volvo, four door, white or ivoryCeecee and Toomuch-Good humor ice cream truck (must be the monkey and the balloons, lol)Yellow Rose- dodge magnum(hemi) greenMJM and Jackie-16 passenger van, lolAngel Wakes-Mini Cooper, bright redRon Chamberlin- large four door sedan, white, unnofficial plates btw ;-)Nac--mini-van with soccer logos on the windows, dark redNDWind-Pickup truck, black or ivory, has a set of steer horns on the front as a hood ornament, and two bumperstickers on the back. One reads, "My other car is a Harley" and the other reads, "God Bless Texas"More coming under comments... :-)
when driving down the highway and your settled in for a nice drive, do you use the cruise control?
want to know what cars are FBT free?