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With some private industries posting record profits, the consumers are taking it in the shorts.
Chicago Lady
I learned to drive a stick shift at age 14.
Thessalonius Ii
When I was 16 (I'm 28) Iworked for a neighbor with his potato stores (he was a potato farmer and his stores were the spuds that he warehoused). He had a son who was mentally challenged, not severely so. One day, I was driving this big '61 Ford dump bodied pickup from one of the store houses after I and my buddy Jake had finished loading up to deliver to a local processor. As I started to pull onto the road, Paul, the kid, appeared on an ATV coming up from behind. He started to pull alongside the pickup (on the side of the road, not on it, he had been told to never drive on the street). This worried me as he was only good at driving it at low speeds around the farm, not the thirty-odd I was doing. I tried to yell out the window, 'Paul, go home, I don't want you to get hurt!' He kept on yelling 'Black'n'white' repeatedly. I got to the processor a mile away with Paul in tow. I got out to open the tailgate to find Jake hangin (pissed, but ok) by his white workcoat. He was black. Oops!
I want to use this PC tablet in vehicle with GPS, GSM, and GPRS facility under harsh desert climite conditions