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I see so many different brands and model numbers out there, I'm looking for reviews/spec cross reference for the different chairs out there.
Ray E
I have a radio/cd player/tape player/ 2xCPU hooked up to about 10 speakers in surround sound formation and each section is controllable via my CPU, Is it a Sound system or a Stereo?EDIT: oh yeah, and an MP3 Jack
I tried PC Electronic Gold, but the links do not load and none of the mirrors on any sites work.
I have a computer purchased in Dec 07 with M$ Vista... Is there a Reg Cleaner that is inexpensive and really good?
I froze 4 different liquids- vinegar, oil, water, milk- all in the same temperature, same size container, etc.... water froze frist, then milk, vinegar, oil. Can someone explain to me what caused them to freeze in this order? How can I calculate the freezing point of a liquid? the specific heat? I have to write a lab report, and I don't know what to write..... does it have to do with the density of the liquid? Please help, thanks.
There are studies done on cell phones, wireless connections for the internet, cordless phones, microwaves, and a huge variety of other products.They indicate all kinds of problems that these products are suspected to cause.Do you think that these concerns are valid and what do you do about these reports?