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I won the DVD and I've put it in the computer and I've played it on windows media player. I just don't know how to save it on there so I can watch it later and put it on devices. Helpppp
I got this vhs camera in like 1995 or 1996 so it uses cassete tapes instead of new style cd's so will i be able to transfer/upload the movies from that camera onto a disc
we have sung along to 3 songs on this video 2 of Enya's and on of lorenna mkennit what do we have to about that or do you tube do that do or do we say that its theres??? please help cause this is my first video and want it to go as smoothly as possible..... its just under 10 mins and the photos are mine so no need to worry about that.... anyway any help would be really appreciated peace be with you always have fun i have done this on widows movie maker
upload a video from whatever movie maker you have to that site????i just wondered because at 8:45am this morning i started to upload this video and it still hasn't uploaded yet and its now 13:43pm so what's the longest its taken you to do this???? surely it cant be that hard? peace be with you always have fun 
size is 11 mb. u may find it in "frontpageserver" named folder in components cd of 5 cd set of .net...
AOL.COM in our NJ Area has advertised uploading videos of non-copyrighted nature to a domain which the public can view. How is this done and what are the time/meg/file requirments? Claudius
My browser questions are too general in trying to find any interactive dance videos that let the user upload and edit their own facial photos into the video. Any suggestions to narrow the results? Thanks!