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One Twisted Child
The forums have been fixed and are back up along with the PM feature.The Chat Room has also been brought back, HOWEVER you must re-register in order to log inLastly all pending accounts are now active :)See you there :) :)
Mac....of Moot And Mac
Today and this past week, a slab for our patio room has been laid........plumbers have completed their work........Carpenters have framed up 99% of our old structure that survived the flames. Walls and a portion of roof framing have been completed in the last 5 days.....Inner walls are going up............Moot is dancin' in the back yard and I get to share it all with you guys. YOU FOLKS HAVE MADE THIS PERIOD MORE MANAGEABLE. I have fallen love with some of you.....Have visited some of you and been visited. This is the real success of this site. I will miss many of you and will make a valiant effort to find others who are still out there.................The Spirit of QnA is just beginning..........................
Each time I scan for updates on my one computer using MS Update, it takes a really long time to scan then comes up that I need to install Windows Genuine Advantage Pack or something of the sort before scanning for updates. When I give it the go ahead to install, it instantly says that the install fails without actually downloading or attempting to install the update. I really need to get past this since this computer has not had any updates since at all since installing Windows XP SP2 and probably has 40+ security updates.
I went to and downloaded the latest driver they had for my dialup modem, then went to MS Update, and they had an updated driver for my dialup modem. That was a few months ago. I've been checking back to Dell to see if they would get the newer driver, but it's been remaining the same, and their drivers for all my other hardware is up-to-date (I checked against the other manufacturers of my hardware), which has me confused as to which driver I should use.
I would prefer just recover it without going into the repair center. I run a restaurant and barely have the time to come on QnA-I would not in any way have time to have Cricket reset my phone.I have a Motorola Razr V3c, and as I mentioned above, I'm with Cricket for my phone service. It is mandatory that this be fixed as soon as possible because my Razr serves as my home phone, work phone, and dialup modem (I currently only have about $12 left over after buying what is necessary for home and work, and I can only afford dialup as my way to the online world).