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Other than grilling out with my Family. I will go to the Memorial day veterans service at the cemetery where my Father is buried. They go to all of the veterans graves and leave a special bouquet and an American flag to say Thank You.
Just looking for a download or a torrent. I really like the looks of that game and if the guy on Google Video can play it, then I can.
i have an R4 and im quite interested in the upcoming DSi. the R4 uses a microSD card and i know the new DSi has an SD card slot but i'm kinda confused. will the R4 work with the new DS? will the SD card work on its own in the DSi slot? i'm confuzzled....
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really nervous and work myself up into a frenzy extraordinarily fast.........any way to somehow fix this hydrenalyn problem?
Stung In Tacoma
The event will be held indoors, no alcohol, and it will be attended by Project Managers & Engineers. Last Meeting we held a contest to see which Team could build the longest free-span bridge using nothing except a roll of scotch tape and a copy of the Seattle Times..(10ft. 8 inches was the winner)Any ideas or links to information sources?Thanks!