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you decided yet. Or are you going to bank it when you get it? My husband is going on a well deserved golf vacation to Hilton Head with some buddies and the money will be spent for that trip in our house.
and which Country has the second largest oil reserves in the World, next to Saudi Arabia? You may be very surprised
Like, energy that other countries produce that the US uses (not destroys like everyone says energy can't be created or destroyed) You know what I mean... PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!If possible can I have the answers in percents? It would be easier to under stand.You know what I'm asking.Like ____% of this comes from another country etc. PLEASE HELP!
The Oracle
ourselves at home going down the drain economically and Iraq has a multibillion dollar oil revenue? Am I missing something here? Would you please slap me in the head with a catfish and tell me how this makes sense?
Jims Best Angle
The Mexican Government is claiming that the Cartels are getting their weapons from the United States and it is our fault and we need to do something. Will the democrats use this to try and restrict gun ownership in the United States. If guns were outlawed in the United States would the cartels throw up there hands and turn themselves in, our buy guns from international arms dealers? Do you think they would have a hard time finding international arms dealers? Could they actually be buying fully automatic weapons from them right now?
Leeroy Jenkins
What kind of dog would be at your side?, Johnson had a beagle, Bush one had a springer spaniel, Bush two has a scottish terrier. What breed would be a good fit for you in the oval office?
Prime minister Gordon Brown says this:“We will not yield, we will not be intimidated, and we will not allow anyone to undermine our British way of life,” he told the British Broadcasting Corp. in a TV interview. ****Lord Stevens, London’s former police chief, called it a major escalation in the campaign waged by Islamic militants.This is witnessed: "John Smeaton, who saw the attack, said the man shouted “Allah, Allah” as he was detained." and When these Islamic Militants start using these "intimidation tactics" here on American soil, are we prepared to stop them?
how would it be different from the Democratic and republican parties?
What's the background behind this tradition?