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I seem to remember a time when the current unemployment rate was an example of improvement in a sluggish economy during the 1980's. Am I remembering correctly that at one time, under Reagan, the US had an 11% unemployment rate?
I spoke to a representative from unemployment today to clarify some things. She told me to fax her a copy of my W-2 from that particular job and that 1-2 days later funds will be deposited into my account. I am just wondering what do they go by on the W-2 form to determine how much I get back? Is it "wages, tips, other comp.", or State or Local wages, tips or what?
I called the 800 number four or five time today and could never get a real person and by the time I did my phone went dead.(laugh) anyway the web page I got from the voice machine doesn't work so could anyone out there help me out , I need to do this by Friday August 31, 2007.THANK YOU,
Mrs Janniere
working for a bingo hall and they want to start paying us by check as part time workers instead of under the table.