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Our congressmen are holding hearings on the most important legislation our country has seen in 50 years....all about the economy and why this bailout is soo necessary. Why are they qualified? Are you? Is Obama....because he's an attorney -- or McCain because he's been in the Senate over 20 years? ('course they aren't even there), but I think you understand what I mean. What makes our politicians qualified to tweak and tear apart this legislation? The answer is, they're not. If they don't trust the experts, get new experts, I say. What say you?
It is simple economics people. Obama wants to raise Cap. Gains tax from the current 15 percent up to 35 percent, raise Estate (Death) Tax up to 45 percent, raise Corporate taxes from 35 percent to 38 percent, raise tax rate on individuals and small businesses that earn over 250k by additional 5.7 percent, raise taxes on oil and gas companies by 15 percent. Obama will only lower individual income taxes on people earning less than 250k by increasing the standard tax deduction by 1500 dollars which equates to about 400 dollars saved after you complete the forms. Everyone who sells a home or buys fuel or consumer goods will pay 3 times that tax deduction in increased prices on goods and cap gains . If you die, your dependents will pay 3 times the current tax rate on your estate. McCain offers lowering Cap Gains from 15 down to 7.5 percent and Death Tax down to 15 percent while raising Estate level to 5 million for that tax. READ THEIR PLANS! Their is a reason Obama does not talk specifics!
Why isn't any growth considered good? Why doesn't a 3 percent increase mean things are 3 percent better? Wouldn't zero growth just mean we're no worse off than last year? I know there's something here I don't get- can someone explain?
I downloaded Beneath a Steel Sky (legally of course.) and it won`t start on SCUMMVM.
I am devastated. People, including the therapist I see for PTSD and related troubles, cannot understand why it has made me so sad and distracted from my usual duties as co-chairperson of The 4Lane Group for survivors of severe childhood trauma and abuse. My own trauma had to do with the death of a close relative long ago! But even without that; why wouldn't it hurt me?!
I was walking my dog this morning and the (strange, I'll admit) thought occurred to me: "Does my dog know that he will die one day?"My assumption is that the answer is 'no," and that dogs and other animals live their lives oblivious to the fact that it will all end one day.
complexities, teach you to translate their mysterious way of communicating... and make life easier for everyone involved, since you will be more easily understood (and much more bearable to be around)? Would you?? Any suggestions for the classes offered? Funter away!This was inspired by a comment that Yvonne made on another question...​488E
I've been with a guy for 9 months. We aren't "official"I am getting so frustrated, and woke up this morning, and just DID NOT CARE anymore. Out of no where. I love him. I just don't want to play the games anymore. I told him today that I quit.He said "don't"I don't understand what he thinks there is to hold on to. I know everyone will say "talk to him about it" but it always ends the same way. He "cares" he says, but I'm guessing he doesn't care enough since he can't have anything serious. I'm going crazy. I want to quit so bad, and probably still will...but why would he tell me not to?