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The closeing of Qna is Hurricane Katrina, and Here comes the National Guard setting up refugee camps (websites) Now were all displaced from the storm and this thing is going to turn into as big of handled mess as katrina, but we only have 9 days to figure it out, extra challenge.
I came back to say a formal farewell to a site which was my home for years..I posted a brief note in the cafe, I really should be studying ..But I had to say thanks for all the memories and good times..I wish you all the best in life and want to formally apologize for not being in contact..School has become my life for now..I will attempt to stay in touch. Like Jimi Hendrix said" If I don't see you no more in this world, see you in the next one..Don't be late". Be blessed all of you..Oh and ROCK ON!
my Firewall off and my cookies to "accept all"? This doesn't make a bit of sense to me. I usually have trouble uploading (perhaps sending is the correct word) messages from some programs. Their "advice" solves THAT problem, but it's a dubious solution, at best. I'd rather not send messages if I have to have my computer infected by criminals--if you know what I mean! That's called "sending a message at ALL COSTS".
it is plugged in? I am lucky if I can get this question in before the laptop goes off. Help if you can. I will check back when I can.
When computer freezes, is there any way to save files without loosing them before you shut down?
My computer stopped working, and i can't fix it, It just does the boot screen, the rotating bar thingies still move, but the computer doesn't do anything other than that. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have to turn off and start over then only 10 min use is there something I can do to fix? Need detail instructions. Please.