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I downloaded Google Earth 4.3, no problems, but the newest version (Google Earth 4.3 Beta) requires you to install Google Updater first, and use that to install the new Google Earth.However, no matter how many times I've tried, the Google Updater will not let me install it. I tried downloading it at work, but it said my server required a username and password. That bothered me enough, so I went home and tried to download it there and it keeps saying "Can not locate server" or something. I've tried so many times, no change.I've tried searching on the internet for direct links or copies of it somewhere else so I can just download the setup program myself (without the annoying Google Updater), but everything I've found is only for Google Earth 4.3, not the BETA version (which has a few more features).Does anyone have the ACTUAL direct link to the BETA version of Google Earth 4.3, or do you know of a copy of it somewhere else?Thank you in advance
every asian here some how all there friends are asian like they live somewhere else or only talk to asians i understand its a comfort thing but i would not think they would ignore others too i would think they would want to get to know the others just like i would want to get to know chinese girls in china not americans. i have dated asian girls and it seems thing go great for 2 weeks up to a month or two until they go home from college on a break and then it seems like afte they tell there parents its like its all over. ever time after a break they call me and tell me i dont think i want to keep dating i am just not sure your my type or something after like 7 dates and things are going great. why is this? they live in america cant they over come their comfort zone or is it the fact that their to used to tradition or something they afraid to step out of what their used to it annoys me because i tend to be interested in meeting people different and very attracted to asians yet im jewish
How much punishment is enough ? Why can we not allow them to correct their ways and reintegrate into society so that they might also gain employment and contribute to a society from which they once had taken ?
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I try to be patient with putting tags on my questions, but sometimes, no make that a lot of the time I can't get it to show up, so I end up using ones that often don't apply. Is the tab sensitive or what? Any clues to get it to work a majority of the time?
Now the computer is running so very slowly. There was a message about google needing time to index?
i have installed FrostWire BETA on my computer and would like to know whether installing LimeWire Basic (Beta version 4.13.0) too would cause problems with any of these. actually i have read that both these are almost same internally and built over same code base, so i wonder if there could be any problem with registry settings or shared dll files or any other kind of clashes/overwriting etc among them