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My wife and I have a very strong desire to experience living in other parts of the world. We're not financially independent so just hopping on a plane and leaving is fairly difficult (although we have considered it) I have spent most of my life as a Sales and Marketing rep around the U.S. but I have never come across an opportunity to work or live abroad. Does anyone know of a reputable website or source for an opportunity like this?
Just wondereing, how many nurses are converting to the travel nurse career vs. being loyal and remaining a staff nurse. I run into a lot of people who would switch, but are afraid to. If you are still staff and have not switched, what do you find attractive about remaining staff? What makes one pause and not make the decision to become a travel nurse?
I currently am located st Hope Street, S>I> I need any directions or information on how I can get to either Journal Square or Newark Penn Station.
If so could i get some web addresses that could assist me on getting more information on this?
no colleges though...and if anyone has any experience in it can you give me some info on it thanks!
I found (and lost) and web site that had grafts that showed the best times for traveling just about anywhere. It showed peek times and lowest travel periods for a particular area. Approximate flight costs, hotel costs. Weather, crowds, etc. I am looking for Europe or Ireland but would love to have access to anywhere.
Amazing Guy
seeing where you are so that you could adjust where you are going if needed...what do you think you woud see?
Tourism can bring many positive changes to a community, such as jobs, economic growth, and a higher standard of living, but tourism also can have harmful effects. What are some of the negative impacts that tourism can have that communities or countries need to guard against?
I book a lot of travel for my company's employees and never used a travel agent for them but I wonder would it save me any money or work? I used a few of the discount services like Cheaptickets, Travelocity and Expedia but I prefer to go straight to an airlines website. What has your experience been?
I will be going as a guest with my Fianc'e who will be attending a conference there for the company he works for. He said we need a VISA I don't think we do.