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..doing away with toll booth operators?.. how would that affect the community? what are your thoughts?.. keep in mind the trains still run by a conductor but eventually they will by computers..
I feel everything on Earth holds an energy/vibration.My Taurus is FloydOur truck is DemmitOur H-D was Pearle
It's an electric power transportation vehicle and its apperance is just like scooter .But it only has two wheels.I want to know its name and price. Where can I get it? Need urgent help. Many thanks.
As in, why do a lot of guys feel really attatched to their cars, bikes (motor), tools, etc?Like, naming them, or saying things like "Don't touch her!" if someone for instance goes near his car?
Do you have a car, truck, take the bus, walk, rail, bike, how do you get around, I would guess that some in cities would possibly not have a drivers license.