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Lisa Marie
we would like to know if we would be able to transfer Wollensak T1515 model magnetic audio tapes onto cd or dvd?
I have some videos that are on vhs and I nwould like to put them on a dvd-r disc. How can I do it?
Tags: transfer
Have about 5.2 GB of old home movies on a single DVD and want to make copies for relatives. My computer has an older RW/DVD-ROM drive that will copy only on lower capacity DVDs. None of the blank DVDs I've seen hold more than about 4 to 5 GB. Question: Can I copy the 5.2 GB movies directly to an 8 GB flash drive? If so, would it be possible to play the movies by simply inserting the flash drive into a USB port to access the movies. Thanks for any help on this.
basically what i am asking is that like we can tranfer data between two computers using cat-5 crossover cable if both machines have ethernet port. is the same possible if both machines have wi-fi cards- so that some kind of direct wireless connection can be made between two machines and data transfer can take place just like with cable. is yes, how to do it, and what will be its distance (range)
I upgraded and want to restore back to XP.