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my german shepherd is 4 months old and doesn't like to "come". Also, we have an electric fence for our other dogs. Would it be too soon to train him at 5 months,. He is large and intelligent.
Whiter Than God
I have a dog that seems to think that when another dog is close to the house or fence, he can jump the fence. I do not allow this, but since he has only started doing it after a few local dogs has been tormenting him, I have been lenient on him.One other thing I have noticed, is that he only started doing it [after] we got another pup. Ever since then, Beau, our big dog; has been become more protective of the yard. And more aggressive as far as stray dogs are concerned.
Tags: training
my boyfriend got me a toy poodle as a get well present, big change since i have pit bulls, lol. I'm having hell potty training her. any ideas?
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how to get dog to alert me when people come round?
I really enjoy watching Cesar on the National Geographic television channel program "The Dog Whisperer," he really seems to have a good sense of what dogs need and want. Have you ever tried employing his techniques and do you think they work?