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Did you know that in China on average the household puts away 30% of their monthly income for savings.
If you fed your animals Hill's diet that Hill's will pay your vet directly $100.00 towards any blood work done at your vet to be sure your pet isn't/wasn't affected by recalls of their foods. We've had 3 customers come in already for blood work that we prescribed Hill's diet to. They didn't pay a thing...Hill's is footing the bill.
All that i ask is that people do their research on this breed. Please look up the American Temperment Testing Board and look at the results. Let me give you a scenario here.. put yourself in a fighting pit's paws for a second... how would you feel if your human starved you because you didn't perform well because its 100 degrees in the out building \where he trains you? Because you were locked in a building with no water? Because you were put on a treadmill for 3hours to walk until the pads on your feet BLEED...I think you'd do what he told you to because you don't wanna end up like that.... its the backyard breeders, fighters, and people like Michael Vick who give these dogs a bad name.. there are pits who are SERVICE DOGS!!!! Please do your research before you go spreading more rumors about this breed. I've researched and studied this breed for 6 years... Tragically last year my pitbull Kajun lost his life to a gunshot simply because he was a pitbull.... SAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL BREED!!!!
take her to obedience school or is there and easier cheaper way to take care of it?
there are many others around but your the closest to her. What would you do ?When answering this, please explain your actions.
sexually...the mom does nothing but observe or yell, but does nothing...what should be done? Please keep it clean, i did not mark this mature content...
Is the lack of strictness at home and effective deterrence at schools causing our children to fail in education to the effect we now import to fill important jobs? Does that effect extend to the rising prison population and the current economic climate?
in a lease-purhchase what percent of the payment goes towards the purhcase? i'm just looking for an average. thanks.does it differ from leasing a car than a house? thanks.