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The FED is printing money as fast as they can and bailing out banks with pour business practices. Since, the paper they print is not backed by anything of intrinsic value, do you feel that this will further devalue the US dollar?
mainly d topic must not b literal !!! how do i do it !! i can use any material !!!
Goodbye, Cruel World
The Netherlands have had socialized medicine for many years. They also have legal euthanasia. It is estimated that about 2/3 of all those euthanized or given the means to commit suicide by doctors were euthanized without the patient's concent. (This excludes infants, the mentally ill and a few other categories.) In a recent survey, 10% of the elderly fear going to the hospital because they may be euthanized. Euthanasia is used by the Netherland's doctors to control costs.A large portion of medical costs are incurred in the last year of life. With the boomer population going into the senior years, will the cost of health care and retirement bring euthanasia to the U.S as a standard practice?
Someone is willing to do changes due to what you have already told them. If you commented him/her and asked him/her to do changes, he/she is willing or tend to obey almost all your demand...what can we conclude from such behavior?
We've all seen it - food that is sold with toys, or a funny cartoon on the box or that nice and sweet and fat yoghurt with a cartoon dinosaur on it.