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How big is it really?
Tags: tonight
We will all be in the dark for an hour. What to do? Will we be a dags again? Wow, just think of what is going to go on there with just candle light.
not using any type of drug. If so why are you so confident in your belief. Pls consider alcohol as a drug. If you think it is not, pls explain.
The world is selling corn, wheat, rice and other grains for fuel. Peoples in poor parts of the world are getting desperate for food they can afford. Some countries plan to drastically cut back on the poppy crop to grow more food. They will not be losing the drug money because the price of grains has gone up enough to make it competitive with poppies. Sounds good to me. Will it make for less dependency on drugs? or just make for more violence in getting the drugs? It will be interesting to see which happens.
The fireworks haven't started yet here....I wanted to stay home and comfort my dogs from their fear of the fireworks. How about you?
Why didn't they just name it...Looking for the the best dog and owner to make money in marketing??? Something was wrong with that picture. IMO....Lori and Andrew clearly won that competition from beginning to end. They got robbed!