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the profile of major world issues and funds to help address those? WIll Bob Geldorf or Bono now jump on the global recession 'band' wagon?
My pom and one of my cats were born at the same time and I call them my twins... Zeke & Zoe and they are best buddies... They even clean each others faces... So cute...
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Even if the pit bull has known the child since puppyhood would it still be agressive? Then why do pitbulls have such bad reputations?
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We have a feamale great dane harlequin and are looking at purchasing a snorkie male. Just worried is they will get along ok.
Kissable Meli
I just got girlfriend and we like each other a lot and I knew her in high school, I liked her high school but now I love her and she loves me, she said God put us together and me & her have a lot in common, she said she wants move slowly and said the same, but she also wants to move out of her parents home and I want to do the same, she said she wants move in with me, I told when we do move in together, I will get the couch and she will get the bed, because we both believe in getting married before having sex.
Does your lucky star have a constellation?
Spiders, flys, fleas just what is in that weave? stop scratching your head when asked a question.