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It covers the harmonic balancer and the belts.One person says yes one person says no?
the engine wont start until i rotate the distridutor clockwise and after it starts i need to rotate it counter clockwise for it to smooth out but once my timing marks are lined up at zero the engine runs great but will not restart untill i rotate the distibutor back clockwise
Tags: timing
cleaned carb/inject body,new cat convertr .oxygen what could it be,,i'm out of answers,,
I am having a difficult time setting the timing on a 93 Hyndai excel. Help
I replaced the timing belt because it broke, but I am having a hard time setting the timing. Any suggestions?
For the timing light for the number 1 cylinder what is the degree on the timing plate??
2.4 liter the crank moved but the timing chain was sslack so i need to retime the cams thanks