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my child's father been in jail for about 4 mths now. i was wondering how time you get for that.
i bought a greyhound bus ticket for my son in virginia beach , va. and he is in Indio , ca,
Will I get a couple extra "Good" points for donating my car to the Sierra Childrens foundation, and a tax write off. Like a 2 for 1 deal?
I was also rear ended in January driving my other vehicle. I'm really concerned that my insurance rates are going to go up. I was doing 56 in a 35 mph zone. Is there anything I can do to keep my insurance from being affected by this? Is there anyway I can stop them from knowing about this?
This is a true story. I was doing nothing and a officer pulled me over and said I was on the cell phone. This happened 7 times to me in just one month it was for not wherein my seat belt and driving with a cell phone which I did not do either.
my son almost gave him the money,i said no. he went to next car,same. he looked high on something.i called the cops when i got home. They are looking for him.