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Let me tell you about Global Warming. Global Warming is a myth. Al Gore (a.k.a. genius wannabe) created the Global Warming Phenomenon inorder to get people to vote liberal. Al Gore should be put behind bars for lying to countless Americans about the enviroment. Can some one out there give me an explanation to this Global Warming conspiracy? QnA please give me your thoughts on Global Warming. Remember IGNORE GORE!
Not one Presidential Candidate has addressed the US Drug Problem. Being elected and politics is more important than solving real issues.
On Sept 11, nearly 3000 american were killed.Since then, about 10000000 Americans have died of other causes. do you think?
I live in a very rural area. Gangs have not gravitated here yet. But, the community I moved from was seeing some signs that gangs from nearby, larger cities were expanding. Or copy cat groups were building. I feel fortunate. However, not long ago I watched a documentary on this very subject. A single mother and her (11 yr. old?) son lived in a hot spot for gang action in Los Angeles. She educated, warned, and supervised this child to encourage he resist the pressure to join a gang. He was just too impressionable. By the time her son was 13, she had found a way to move from Calif. to a comparatively safe city in North Carolina. Tragically he joined a gang and was later killed. Any thoughts on a solution? Has anyone encountered problems similar to the woman's situation described here?