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Not my pillow, buddy.
Tags: thoughts
I've spent a fortune on lessons and even bought her a car. If she doesn't pass I would kill her, but she'll be too devistated and I will feel sorry for her.
Solar power for calculators, heating, why not development as a alternate fuel source? Oh it'sFree , I Forgot.
Recently, the last few days several people have been killed or seriously injured as a result of illegal street racing. 1. A woman and her 3 kids killed in fiery crash after being hit by street racer. 2. A woman losing both her legs, her 4 year son brain dead, and dying and other 2 children seriously injured after illegal street racer hit them. and 3. 38 year old woman killed by street racer who just got his license he got one month before. Thoughts and opinions...
the price of oil and gas is getting out of hand. We, the American people are bend over and taking in the butt, dry and hard, by the greedy oil companies and not doing anything about it. Our politicians don't care, they are too bust lining their pockets. Hopefully someday America will wake up and fight back before we start paying 7 to 10 dollars a gallon for gas. By that time, I'm buying a horse and buggy...
Bellerina for answering,Ben
Tags: thoughts
Bellerina​nes/2008_tesla_roadster_car_newsThanks for answering,Ben
My wife wants me to buy a Chevy SSR. They only made them between 2003 and 2006. The SSR comes with either a 5.3 L V8 or A LS1 or LS2 V8. What are your thoughts?
Amazing Guy
Maybe you read the same MSN article I ran across today. Here is the link if you are interested. Basically it talks about the growing trend of people sharing too much information in conversation. Some make a case for it and some against it.
I was thinking about raising it to 1 thought for $0.50 or 3 for $1.00. Is that about right?