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Doctor Woot
No poet be I, just an old "jar head" most of my pals and family are dead. My wife and children and their children, and you all here. But the words I wrote might seem weird to some. So unsure if I should or not. What do you think?
just as is how do you feel about doctor-assisted suicide..
Cutey With A Booty​rl-marries.4424e42b.html
If I were going to ask him out and I said something like this:Hi ......,I took the final and like you said, it wasn’t all that bad. Thank you for the heads up, I appreciate it and everything else. I’m not really all that great at these things but I sort of like you. Well, not sort of, I do. It’s possible you couldn’t even tell because I’m so involved or abrupt at times. Anyhow, I’ve been thinking if you’re not doing anything or seeing anyone and you’re up for it, if you’d like to go out some time.“No pressure”What do you guys think? Help!
They met when he was introduced to her. He said to me that one day when he was going to a friends house, he kind of just ended up at hers instead. They talked and such, and had a lot of fun just being around each other. He told me one night they kissed, said that it was nearing time for them both to leave and she was getting well...closer to him. She never stopped him from doing it. Though he's in a tight mental state right now, asking close friends if it's okay for him to think of her like that. He really likes her and knows the more time he spends with her, the happier he is. I want to try and help. Is it alright for him to like her, someone whose 3-4 yrs younger. Should I tell him to follow his heart and be happy, or just forget her altogether and find someone else...or something else I should possibly tell him?
Cutey With A Booty
Dating is getting dangerous. There are many social websites out there which dumped bf/gf tell all on their ex'es, and sometimes even spread the most viscous outright lies to destroy the reputation of another person. What do you think about this phenemenon?
Amazing Guy
I experienced a wedding for an arranged marriage this weekend. I will not go into specifics but overall both seemed to accept it. Both are attractive both are young and both accept their culture. The entire day raised a lot of questions and emotions for me. So number 1... is it possible that arranged marriages and a culture in which you can not just leave a marriage could actually turn out stronger more successful marriages than our traditional Westernized concept of marriage?
Amazing Guy
Carl Jung introduced the concept of the shadow as an archetype, (a pattern of thought that exists in all of us) This is what is termed our dark side, the unconscious part that houses all our thoughts and desires which we do not admit to or acknowledge because over the years we have been taught by society, religion, parents etc. to deny them. Jung tells us that once we reintegrate this side of ourselves we can use all of those suppressed aspects of our self to access higher creativity, and ultimately our higher self. And that once we access our higher self all things are possible. Ok so, what are you thoughts on this theory??