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Cutey With A Booty I wonder... if our economy right now is "strong"... when exactly is our economy ever "weak" then?
Dr. Wolfman
All kinds of things are running through my mind, but what about you? Share with me what your thoughts are? thanks :)
Cutey With A Booty
From the White House press release:* President issued America's Homeownership Challenge to the real estate and mortgage industries to encourage them to join the effort to close the gap between minorities and non-minorities home owners (can u say subprime mortgage?)* Goal of increasing number of minority homeowners by at least 5.5M families before end of decade. (Subprime mortgage)* Under his leadership, overall homeownership rate wa at all time high of 69%. Minority homeownership set a record of 51% in 2nd qtr.And now, people are saying that it was policies from a decade ago that caused this crisis?
Cutey With A Booty
Budweiser was bought by a foreign company, and no longer American owned. Many people protested this buyout, and feel this is foreign takeover of America's economy... Do you agree or disagree?
There has been speculation in the last couple of months that 'we' (the world) would be better off with a Global Currency. Right now, most global markets are based off of the top three, Dollar, Euro and Yen. What would happen if we just joined them into one currency, some refer to it as the DEY. Would it work? Would it fail? Why? And if Waldo doesn't want to be found, why doesn't he change that stupid shirt?
Honest Opinion
Just curious if anyone with investments in the Stock Market are panicking. Seeing as I'm only 14, I don't have stocks, but I know I would be panicking if I did. Just wondering. Good luck to all you investors.
Several millions of gallons waiting for the price to go up.
In MA, a program has started to train addicts to give Narcan shots to others.The drug will also be supplied them along with syringes. Does this mean we have lost the 'War on Drugs'?
Cutey With A Booty​htmlFinally, the achievement of the criminal world is "recognized"... Is Forbes magazine right or wrong to include a drug lord in their list?
*to the beat of deadbeat dog owners*Article:
Cutey With A Booty​an-jul29,0,6834394.storyGist:* Her case is "hopeless"* She is covered by low-income Medical. Her medical bills are not being paid anymore.* Family opposes to pulling the plug* Hospital claims end-of-life decision is separate from financial decision.