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Jims Best Angle
The vast majority of people pay there bills and their mortgages on time or pretty close to on time every month, year in, year out.Should we just stop paying, and when the bank calls tell the person on the other end "I made my payment last April 16th to the IRS. Ask the Feds for your payment. Do not call me again"Why should we (the responsible people) be paying twice?
I lost my Dad, and we both used to close, I know how much I cried but got of it though I can sleep in the dark alone. Now when ever I look at my mum reality sets in and my heart so heavy I know she would be gone some day and it hurts me most because I love her so much and don’t know how life would be without her. These thoughts make me cherish every moment I spend with my love ones cos you never know when it your time
Even when she knows you are in love w/ him what do you do especialy when you hade it all planed out
wrong. I hope this is how you write a link qid=94A7E4903B6A4FEAB76D611525C6DF03
Buck Brown
I was hoping it would be, the charm. I was so mature on there and had a good sense of duty and maturity level. It's really upseting that qna chose to ban me, I was doing everything I could to be as mature and good as the next person. And I was, take a look at the xbox360halo account if you want. Even ScottD agrees. I appreciate your support and hope I am welcomed back(hopefully I get the other account back) with a warm feeling.