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i have a DVD-R and i want to know that if i click to format it like a USB flash drive, will it be able to delete items on it?
2 Cents
This is for those who get no joy of snow any more, and can maybe change your mind. Puts a whole new take on dogs and snow. Hope you like it.
He would chew corners off record covers. At Christmas he would grab the creche's lambs. You would have to chase him around the house to get it. The end result was the creche under the tree looked like a hospital ward---missing limbs--cows and donkeys could not stand up. How about your dog?
I'm really bored, and I feel like doing somethng with my dogs other that than the two lised above.Any ideas?
I believed she was received by God not taken by him but it still hurts.
Doctor Woot
Should I ask them here or should I go to the boards and use the old string, or start a new one